Originating in the Western Hemisphere at 33.71963, -102.75760, Christopher is a belligerent ex-Suburban-youth who was the only child of a public school teacher. He has traveled thousands of miles by car and by foot and amassed many lifetimes of perspective and has discovered that while some people may not, Universe rewards independent thought. Why is he belligerent? Because he wasted at least 25 years on the planet without understanding that the history, religion, science, and culture that he’d believed in are total lies perpetuated by minions of a *GRUNCH of Giants*. Christopher discovered the ‘Big Body Principle’ of corporate person-hood during the summer of 2001 via David Kubiak’s work at Using the same insight years later, Christopher recognized the decentralized, peer-2-peer Bitcoin Network as the first real solution against the *BIG BODY of Capital* corroding Earth's life support. Acting as one of Gaia’s Immunogentry cells and adopting the principles of Radical Linguistics, Christopher has been guerrilla-marketing and spreading viral messages IRL person-to-person from Houston, TX to Burlington, VT to San Jose, Costa Rica to Tulsa, OK and is glad to see some of the mind viruses start to aggregate and resonate worldwide in the Assertion of the Humans of Planet Earth. Christopher's biggest influences so far have been Terrance McKenna, Buckminster Fuller, Clif High, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, Damon Vrabel, Catherine Austin Fitts, Gore Vidal, Manly P. Hall, Scott Crow, and Satoshi Nakamoto. He now lives in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Wash Yer Butt Better!

Look out, there’s a pandemic… so of course, there’s a run on… toilet paper? Did you see the videos of the people fighting over toilet paper in Australia and clearing shelves like…