Has Been Online for 15 Years! started as a simple blog to showcase the adventures of a 1988 E-350 Bluebird Minibus that ran on Recycled Vegetable Oil.

The 1st Pictures we ever saw of the Earthbus.

The Original Earthbus


From Burlington to Taos

The Trek of the Earthbus

The Ultimate Roadtrip: Fall 2004 to Summer 2006

Photo credit:Bill Olive-for the Chronicle. 03/24/05. Christopher King and Sandra Kirkpatrick, both of Texas, with pets Clarence (dog) and Jawbreaker (chicken) are operators of the Earthbus. The Earthbus runs on recycled vegetable oil. The Earthbus has traveled approximately 12,000 miles on vegetable oil exclusively, all the way from Maine to New Mexico.

Life on the Bus

What was it like living in a mini-bus?

Oil Hunting and Gathering

RVO:Veggie Oil Powered Travel

”If you can’t live it down, you might as well live it up.”

Living, traveling in, and talking about the Earthbus put us on an inevitable trajectory that ultimate would bring us to emigration from the US because of the fallout, and the upcoming disruptions to society that ultimately were caused by the same Oil Wars that gave birth to the Earthbus in the first place.

As early as 2005, Sandra and I had started discussing what it would look like and how we could make it possible to leave our home county. Sandra took the lead and started researching the possible countries. Ecuador started working it’s way up to the top of the list and sort of stuck there. By the end of 2013 at our going away party, our friends, seeing that we were serious about actually leaving, finally asked, “Why Ecuador?”

Why Ecuador? indeed. Well, a lot has changed over the fifteen years since we first bought this URL in 2005. Throughout all the different versions, the point of this website has been to inform. If it is about ourselves, politics, or just to posit cynical observations, we hope you enjoy earthbus and come back and explore our stuff often.