Your Own Website

Putting up a website has gotten extremely easy. Even beyond web 2.0 application that have morphed into “social media,” everyone should have their own space to post their own materials. The best way to guarantee your Right to freedom of speech on the internet during these times of illiberal, malignant individuals acting in the name of “progressivism” and the corporations supporting them.

The first thing you need is a domain. Click here to buy a unique URL for your new website.

Ionos used to be called 1and1, but even after changing their name, they still deliver the same quality domain registry services. I’ve been using them since 2013, taking advantage of cheap $1 rates for the first year’s registry cost.

Next your website is going to need hosting.

Buying the domain secures the URL that users will type into their browser to view your website. But before that, your website still needs a host. You can set up your own server or use a service. A hosting service provides space on their servers for the data of your website. Think of registering the domain like you are buying a name for a street, now you need a street. Using a hosting service is like having a street in an existing subdivision, that already has infrastructure and security. Setting up your own server is like having to lay your own pavement, sewer, and utility poles for your street; which is all well and good as long as you know what you are doing. You can save a lot of money, but if you take shortcuts and don’t set up the proper firewalls and security for your server, you can lose everything to one curious hacker. Also, you have to consider the need to be able to scale up rapidly to handle visitors whose traffic could increase exponentially. Most hosting plans give you an idea of how much bandwidth they are prepared for depending on the level of the plan.

Personally, I’ve found it best to use a host for my websites; I already have a shoutcast server hosting my streaming radio station Wow Machine Radio, so using a hosting service takes any potential burden off my system.

For years, I was using a well-known service that rhymes with ghost-tater, but was consistently unhappy with them. So I’ve recently moved to a new host and so far, I’ve found them very responsive and straightforward. Unlike my former host who gives you a great introductory price for the first 3 year contract but then locks you into unreasonable rates afterwards, my new host offers the same price per year.

Click here to find a great hosting plan that will work for you!