Unblocking Services Easily with SmartDNSproxy

Smart DNS Proxy is a versatile DNS service that allows you to unblock websites, access streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, and many others. It works on any device, it is faster than VPN, and you can try it for FREE!

Click here to try SmartDNSproxy for free and start watching enjoying streaming services block in your country right now!

See what customers are saying about Smart DNS Proxy services.

They provide great service for a very good price.
Alcides – 4/9/2021
Brasilia, Brazil

Had problem connecting. Had a great response. Turns out the errors were my misunderstanding. Had a great response to my emails. They never give up until you work out the problems, which in my case was misunderstanding. Never had problems with the service offered.
Geoffrey – 4/6/2021
Canterbury, United Kingdom

The Team here are amazing. They are always available when you need them. Have recommend to my friends and they love the experience 🙂
Ni – 4/3/2021
Malé, Maldives

Starting my second year with Smart DNS Proxy and am very happy and always getting great support when needed. Highly recommend it!!!
Siro – 3/31/2021
Istanbul, Turkey

I have been using Smart DNS for a few years now and im very happy with the service. They support team and very fast to response and resolve any issues.
Elaine – 3/27/2021
Stony Plain, Canada

Just renewed for a further 2 years – great service and solid technology!
Stephen – 3/22/2021
St Kilda, Australia

Excellent system, easy set up and more importantly, their customer service is second to none. Any issue I’ve ever had has been dealt with swiftly with excellent communication. Well done!
Marco – 3/17/2021
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Great service and a very quick response team.
Nishil Rathnan – 3/11/2021
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you live in remote countries, Smart DNS Proxy is a must have, just because it works! In addition, the support team (in case you run into setup or other problems) is excellent, responsive, efficient, professional and… simply Amazing.
Shaky – 3/6/2021
Bayan Lepas, Malaysia

Works perfectly from Netherlands. Customer support is top notch as well.
Raghav – 3/3/2021
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Using it for more than 2 years and very happy with service.
Manuj – 3/1/2021
Melbourne, Australia

Always responsive. Been using this proxy service for quite some time, and some minor technical knowledge will help but once you get the knack of it, I just love being able to access and subscribe to most of my favorite global channels.
Brian – 2/25/2021
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Very good service, very friendly. In my opinion almost perfect.
Peter – 2/16/2021
Bang Lamung, Thailand

Fantastic company with excellent customer service.
Henrik – 2/10/2021
Lund, Sweden

Thorough customer service. Whenever I experience a problem or something that is not right, I reach out and I get a detailed description of what to do or what is happening. The issues is then resolved quickly.
Tyler – 2/6/2021
Chatan, Japan

Great service with exceptional Support. Got problems with an updated app and after L1 and L2 Support they got it working in less than 12 hours. Thats how you treat customers well.
Michael – 2/1/2021
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Smart DNS always have a friendly backup service who are always supportive and solve any problems. I have and would recommend Smart DNS to anyone!!!
Chas – 1/25/2021
Málaga, Spain

I’ve been using this service for over 12 months now and anytime there was a hitch they responded quickly and offered solutions – very happy with it.
Joseph – 1/21/2021
Penarth, United Kingdom

Thanks for the rapid technical support which got me up and running after initial difficulty. I wanted dns proxy because I could not listen to BBC 5live extra (test match cricket) here in Finland, despite subscribing to two different VPN providers. As an added bonus, Smart DNS Proxy also allows SkyGo to work…FANTASTIC! The instructions for setting up the system on a Windows 7 PC were very clear even for a non technical person like me.
Pete – 1/17/2021
Helsinki, Finland

Super fast response time for tech support. It’s not something i come across very often any more.
Corrinne – 1/12/2021
Wynnewood, United States

Genuinely excellent service. DNS works like a charm and is very fast (UHD plays fine for me). Support engineering team are also very quick responding to queries.
Colm – 1/9/2021
Artane, Ireland

The efficiency of reaching an agent ANY TIME is remarkable, and some form of assistance is guaranteed, if assistance is what you’re seeking. SmartDNSProxy has never failed me in that regard!
Terran – 1/5/2021
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Great product, very responsive customer service. Excellent all round.
Iain – 12/29/2020
Brasilia, Brazil

So far very happy. Still finding my way around but very impressed with very prompt response to my queries. Great service! Many thanks
Brenda – 12/23/2020
Pretoria, South Africa

I have been a customer of yours for many years and I have referred many, simply because you have a great customer service. You value your customers and that’s big comparing to other services.
Nicholas – 12/14/2020
Copenhagen, Denmark

I have been a customer for 3 years or more and love Smart DNS Proxy.
Ron – 12/7/2020
Chihuahua City, Mexico

This service has to be one of the best in the world. There is 24 hour support and when problems happen, they are quickly fixed. I am using smartdns on my home router and 5 connected access points so my complete home including 4 TVs, numerous computers, iPads, phones etc are all happily streaming through smartsdns with no problems or delays.
Alex – 12/3/2020
Izabelin, Poland

Been using this service for many years Great value for money, excellent performance and good support.
Robert – 11/30/2020
Sierre, Switzerland

I am using this service over a year. I really like it. It’s fast. Also I can see and watch any platforms without living outside countries. These thing gives me freedom. Thanks again.
Ahmet – 11/26/2020
Kartal, Turkey

Service works great with no loss of fidelity to sound or picture on my TV. I can now watch all my favorite home country TV when I am abroad with the same quality as if I was sat in my armchair in London. Fantastic.
John – 11/18/2020
Marbella, Spain

It has great service – I 100% recommend.
Daniel – 11/14/2020
Dublin, Ireland

I’m a long time subscriber and see no reason to look elsewhere. Smart DNS Proxy just works.
Bill – 11/9/2020
San Jose, United States

I have been using SmartDNSProxy for few years and customer service has been informative and prompt to resolve couple of issues I had over 4 years or so. Thanks.
Melwyn – 11/5/2020
Sutton, United Kingdom

Thank you so much. I like your service so I subscribed it for 2 years. Keep up the good work.
Zaw – 10/30/2020
Yangon, Myanmar

I signed up to use Hulu in Mexico and it works like a charm! Thank you.
Saul – 10/21/2020
Guadalajara, Mexico

I picked your company from a facebook group recommendation. I gathered that you are confident of your product and so after the trial people will buy it. The install instructions are very clear without being patronising to more Tech Savvy users. All in all a very good experience so far. Thank you
Colin – 10/17/2020
Mugla, Turkey

I live in Germany but come from the UK and have lived in the USA too So SDP has become my window on the world! Works great and I can afford the prices. Very thing good! Many thanks!
Barry – 10/12/2020
Kirchlengern, Germany

Smart DNS allows me to watch geo-blocked CBC Gem while in the US.
Kris – 10/8/2020
Miami, United States

I’m super satisfied, I finally have a lot of options to have fun with the family.
Atalivio – 10/5/2020
Maputo, Mozambique

Hello, we live in Guatemala and to watch streaming services it’s not an easy task to watch with an IP from here. I’m using your Smart DNS and it is working perfectly.
Sidney – 10/1/2020
Guatemala City, Guatemala

I have signed in order to stream the US Netflix and so far I am satisfied by using the DNS server in Italy which is the closest to Greece.
Dimitris – 9/25/2020
Athens, Greece

Hello and thank you for the service. My experience so far has been great i did all the steps and it works just fine. I would recommend this site to everyone cause it worked great.
Marko – 9/15/2020
Tetovo, North Macedonia

I signed up because I got sick of VPNs that couldn’t always guarantee me access to UK TV channels (I am a Brit living in the US). The final straw was the restart of the Formula 1 season; my VPN worked for BBC but not for ITV or Channel 4. My VPN provider said they were working on it but couldn’t guarantee when it would be fixed. So I asked those on a Brits in Texas page for recommendations and SmartDNSProxy was one. I liked the idea of greater reliability than a VPN and also the 14-day trial. And so far so good, I was able to catch up on the Hungarian Grand Prix last night 🙂
Sharon – 9/9/2020
Euless, United States

I signed up because I’m stationed in japan and wasn’t able to access certain apps because of my region. Your service really is convenient in my situation:)
Cristian – 9/4/2020
Misawa, Japan

All I want to do is to listen to international cricket matches on BBC Radio 4 long wave. Normally I can get Radio 4 L on the internet, but there are rights restrictions for these matches. Thanks a lot.
Robert – 8/29/2020
Eragny, France

I went with another VPN provider in order to watch Amazon Prime but Amazon always kept detecting it. So I cancelled both Amazon and the trial. Then later I saw my wife getting through with Smart Proxy. And that was it for me. I did not hesitate to sign up.
Richard – 8/23/2020
Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago

So far it’s brilliant, thx. I could never play iPlayer using other providers but with SmartDNS it works well! Keep it up!
Peter – 8/18/2020
Central, Hong Kong

Off to a good start. 🙂 Thanks for your support.
Chris – 8/13/2020
Cork, Ireland

I am an Aussie expat living in Singapore and have been using a VPN service to access Kayo. So far your service is performing very well.
Chris – 8/5/2020
Singapore, Singapore

Very good. It is working fine. Thanks.
Gísli – 7/20/2020
Reykjavik, Iceland

I have been with Smart DNS Proxy for 2 years. I have been loyal because it works in getting me to see what I want wherever I am. I am in Mexico right now and when here I get no interruption of my subscription services and APK downloads. Customer Support when I needed them (2x in 2-3 years) has been excellent. I am constantly exposed to IPVanish, Express VPN, and others, but I have found no reason to abandon the simplicity of SmartDNS Proxy.
Ron – 7/15/2020
Chihuahua City, Mexico

Congratulations to the proxy provider for the good and nice products!
Lugemwa – 7/9/2020
Kampala, Uganda

The easiest way to unblock the world of entertainment. I will continue using it and will fully recommend it to anyone. 4.8 stars out of 5.
Shreyans – 6/30/2020
Surrey, Canada

So far working well, thanks.
Hugh – 6/24/2020
George Town, Malaysia

The Best SmartDNS Out there with Best Support Team Rating – 5/5. The best thing about Smart DNS Proxy Support team is their quick responses via chat and email. I have contacted them a few times to get new channels added in their catalog and believe me! they are so quick to respond back and their network team checks and ensures to add new channels within 24 hours. I highly recommend Smart DNS Proxy to all. The only SmartDNS provider with a great catalog of worldwide channels but also great technical support team as well. Keep up the great work Smart DNS Proxy Team My rating 5/5.
Ali – 6/16/2020
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

The experience so far has been awesome and the service works perfectly. Thank you so much for this great service!
Aaryan – 6/11/2020
Delhi, India

I was very pleased and well satisfied with Smart DNS Proxy. The setup and programming was both painless and expeditious. Thank you for your service.
John – 6/7/2020
Pyeongtaek-si, South Korea

I’ve been using Smart DNS for the last 2 years and I am extremely satisfied with their services. I use it mainly on my Apple TV 4K and iPad Pro to watch the USA catalogue on Netflix and more importantly, to watch my favorite shows at BBC iPlayer, iTV, All 4, and Channel 5, all UK Channels that will not be available outside UK. I can also watch content from USA channels, (with subscriptions) A good thing is that Smart DNS also provides a VPN App that I am using on my laptop and Apple Devices. The quality of the services is great and I don’t feel loss of speed on my internet connection. The support team answered my emails quickly, provided answers for what was the problem and later fixed the problem. That’s why I subscribed again for the next 3 years. Thank you Smart DNS team and keep up with the good work!
Eliane – 6/3/2020
London, United Kingdom

I am using smart dns for watching Netflix USA content. I am very pleased with the easy setup. Thank you.
Mehmet – 5/30/2020
Izmir, Turkey

I am grateful to have the service and to get all the channels.
Mark – 5/23/2020
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I love Smart DNS Proxy! Excellent performance! Very happy with the service. Thank you!
Alexandra – 5/19/2020
Lima, Peru

I wanted to watch New Zealand tv and was searching reddit for the best way and for your site. I was unable to get it working , but found your support to be about the best I have seen for a site, and even for a trial member, I was blown away by the quick replies.
Gary – 5/15/2020
Prezletice, Czechia

I signed up because I heard from a comment from a user on Reddit that it was a great and easy way of watching Netflix from other countries than America. Thank you for this awesome service.
Makhumu – 5/12/2020
Tambov, Russia

Very pleased with your services. Thank you!
Nigel – 5/7/2020
Carnaxide, Portugal

I wanted to walk around the regional restrictions of one application (Movies Anywhere) and this did help. Keep up the good work.
Rokas – 5/2/2020
Zeist, Netherlands

Sukhchain – 4/27/2020
Lisbon, Portugal

Honestly, great. Everything is working perfect.
Neil – 4/22/2020
Cape Town, South Africa

I heard from one of the reviews that Disney+ Hotstar (India) streaming services works with your smart DNS configuration. My main intention was to test this out and I’m glad it works.
Elvin – 4/16/2020
Melbourne, Australia

I enjoyed the experience, set up was easy and your customer support via the chat room was great. Thank you very much for your services.
Patrice – 4/13/2020
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Thank you for your awesome Smart DNS Proxy it really works!
Sharon – 4/8/2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Disney+ subscription challenge led me to searching for the Smart DNS/VPN service providers. I did find a few VPN options that passed my threshold. However, smart dns was a tough ask and you are first to actually provide a consistently working one.
Mark – 4/3/2020
Kiryat Anavim, Israel

All is good and well and I am happy!
George – 3/31/2020
Budapest, Hungary

I find for now that my dns server it works wonderfully. I hope that it continues like that. Thank you for your wonderful work, and stay like that.
Redouane – 3/24/2020
Casablanca, Marocco

So far I am impressed and all is working well.
Claus – 3/18/2020
Berlin, Germany

I can truly say that I am extremely satisfied and impressed by the success we have had, with the confirmation of my router according to his recommendations and being able to enjoy Disney Plus in Costa Rica is a resounding success. Thank you very much for the excellent work you do. Greetings and thanks.
Marvin – 3/11/2020
Alajuela, Costa Rica

Love it!!!
Joanne – 3/6/2020
Otawa, Canada

Needed a way of watching Netflix UK or US from Singapore. The other DNS guys haven’t worked, this one does…
Matthew – 3/2/2020
Singapore, Singapore

I really liked the 14 day free trial without the hassle of having to pay up front and then getting a refund if the service did not work. I also appreciate the prompt informative responses. I am not particularly computer savvy and everyone from your company was so patient and so helpful. Please pass on my thanks to your colleagues.
Joyce – 2/26/2020
Cape Coral, United States

Everything is working great so far!
Gizmo – 2/17/2020
Rocklin, United States

Main reason for signing up was to test SVT Play and TV4 Play. They seem to work great .-)
Jo – 2/12/2020
Oslo, Norway

I have no complaints – everything is just fine – all my requirements all fulfilled! Cheers.
Jürgen – 2/4/2020
Neu Wulmstorf, Germany

Watching BBC is now part of my daily routine, and I can’t do without it, so at the same time another provider left me out in the cold, I was searching for something to replace it. And it was a nice surprise finding you, I’m now on the trial period, but so far I’m really enjoying it, setting it up was a breeze and I am very very glad to see that I had BBC and All 4 working nicely!
Paulo – 1/29/2020
São Paulo, Brazil

I signed up because I live abroad and wish to watch Danish TV. I’ve tried other dns before that didn’t work with my Apple TV (still couldn’t watch Danish TV), so my friends recommended this. I wanted to do the trial first to see if it actually works, and luckily for me it does!
Theresa – 1/25/2020
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Better than expected! I have dsl where I’m living for the next 2 years and my internet is pretty slow but with DNS Proxy I’m good success with streaming HD content. Haven’t been blocked from any service as of yet!
Anthony – 1/20/2020
Freudenberg, Germany

So far so good. Able to enjoy all the shows from anywhere in world!!
Hrishikesh – 1/18/2020
Mei Hwan, Singapore

I like that your service works. I can Watch Netflix or Hulu. The American version. From Europe. Really good work!
Mohammed – 1/15/2020
Uppsala, Sweden