I Finally Reached My Limit

I finally gave up on “outrage culture” altogether. While my main intake was in the form of being outraged about mainstream media lies and the politicians who campaign on them, I finally reached a point when I realized that I couldn’t justify caring about bullshit anymore.

Its not unlike the 9.11 events. I spent about 6 full years going fulltime finding all the holes in the official stories and pointing out all the people using those holes to support a narrative that, before the event, couldn’t make any sense. But then I realize it really didn’t matter if I could prove beyond any shadow of doubt that each of those planes were being remote controlled and the US military was rendered inert by overlapping and conflicting drills to anyone when it wouldn’t stop the same ancient families from ruling the planet and somehow orchestrating everyone to keep going to jobs they hate to pay taxes to cover the administrative costs of the huge, open-air prison that passes for most modern cultures.

The same goes for media deconstruction and all the outrage politics on the social media sites. I had to quit Facebook back in 2016 because of acrimonious all my former friends and their dumbass families who lost their damn minds when Trump beat their beloved Hillary Clinton.

So I’m done with that shit for a while. I’ll have to retrain myself to put my thoughts down here, on my own site. I think those long threads on twitter when someone writes an entire article across 100 tweets are pretty stupid. I may have done a few long threads, but I never did excessive threads like those media activists have gotten into already.

Anyway. I quit noagendasocial.com, twitter, and unsubscribed from about 2-3 dozen political podcasts and youtube channels. My last post announced that fact by saying that I’m changing my name to Brennis Dentmintsontinmen and leaving this planet to go live on CBB World. As most of the no agenda people didn’t really cross over to the comedy podcasts I listened to, because as they’d tell me when I’d mention them they couldn’t stand how lefty and liberal they were, I don’t expect most of them to know that I was referencing a character created by the late, great Harris Wittels on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast. I decided to subscribe to the maximus plan on comedybangbangworld.com and looking forward to hours of long form improv. The No Agenda podcast requires over 6 hours a week and the laughs involved there are mainly about making fun of stupidity and evil and feeling superior to people who believe the lies.

I just got tired of it. Time to spend that time with more productive work….like writing missives about the 6 hours I spent watching Nightflight yesterday.

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