Wash Yer Butt Better!

Look out, there’s a pandemic… so of course, there’s a run on… toilet paper? Did you see the videos of the people fighting over toilet paper in Australia and clearing shelves like locusts?

After watching a few of these videos and seeing the #Cleveratti on twitter making noise about it, I decided to join in with my normal point about why I use a bidet.

Soon after, I got called out.

So I started thinking… Why don’t I start selling them?

So first, here is the same basic model I have. have:

Bio Bidet Elite 3 Non Electric Natural Water Dual Nozzle Bidet,White,Each,ELITE3 – $59.00

Retail Price: $95.75
You Save: $36.75

This product is sold by healthproductsforyou, for which I’m now an affiliate. It is self-cleaning and features softer mist action water stream for feminine use and satisfying efficient water stream for posterior wash. This bidet connects directly to fresh water line and requires no battery or electricity. It is designed for cold water use, but I suppose it could be connected to the hot water line with the proper grade tube…but be warned, don’t burn your pooper!

Alright, this is just a post to announce that I’m selling bidets. I’ll be making some special pages and buying some urls, so if you think of good website names, comment below. I’ll make some more posts with some of the products I’m repping and will be featuring coupon codes and other special offers, so remember to subscribe to this blog for more information.

Oh, I’m not just selling bidets, I’m repping for healthproductsforyou now, so if you need any of the products offered on their site, ask me and I’ll do my best to find a deal for you if I can!

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