And…We’re back in Five, Four, Three, (two), (one)…

So glad to have you visiting The Earthbus Blog!

We’ve cleared out the old detritus of the old hacked server and re-establishing our online home, I’ve been setting up a framework for a new site that includes member registrations to help facilitate our own circle of friends, family, and fans’ interactions outside of the decrepit mall of iphone stores and shrieking political opinions that Facebook has become. I want to build in more features, so if you have some suggestions, please feel free to comment or contact me privately.

I also will be publishing some highlights from old incarnations of that I’m pulling from the Wayback Machine on There are some good ones that got lost on my end, so I’m grateful to the people running the Internet Archive project for having indexed the site several times over the last 10 years.

Speaking of a long time, Sandra and I have owned this domain, for over 10 years and have secured it well into 2020. The original idea, and where the site gets its name, was to use it to feature our home-on-wheels, The Earthbus and how/why we chose to live in it, power it on recycled vegetable oil (RVO), and travel around telling others how they can do it too. I’m pretty sure we have all of the materials we created for our lectures, so eventually, I’ll create a ‘museum’ page and feature the old power point we used to give.

In more recent years, I’ve used the site more than Sandra as a personal page to publish his essays and missives, along with the rare contribution from guest writers. I’ve always hoped to offer more than just a ‘vanity site’ for me, so hopefully this version of will help facilitate a more engaging community of readers and contributors.

That’s all for this first post, please consider registering an account and check back often as I build this site back up into…. sump’in…. even if I’m not sure quite what yet. 😉