The Next Cryptocurrency That WILL Replace Bitcoin


That’s only 92 satoshis per PENNY!

On the Edge of My Seat….. $10,000 Bitcoin Any MINUTE Now

The dollar has crashed to new All Time Lows against bitcoin, and we’ve been pretty paralyzed for the last 12 hours watching the price per bitcoin edging $10,000.

We usually park a browser window on Bitcoinity to watch the endless mountain take shape, and the price across the six exchanges featured has touched $9.98 per milibitcoin (.001 btc), but none have pierced the “psychological barrier” of $10,000 yet.

Don’t forget that it really isn’t too late to buy some bitcoin… sure, sure, you may never own a whole bitcoin, but throw $100 in now, and when each Satoshi is worth what we think of as a nickel, that $100 investment will be worth about $50,000!

So what the hell? Click here to set up an account with Coinbase. You can buy Litecoin or Etherium there too!