Welcome to The Earthbus. This is the domain has been owned by Christopher King and his wife Sandra since 2004. We’ve never put the time and energy into making it an online home for our thoughts, photos, life, and times… so this latest incarnation is attempt to change that! Look around, enjoy what we have to offer, ask questions, and if you an old friend we lost track of along the way, please use the contact buttons below to reach out!

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If we are to be honest, we know that not everything that is on this site will appeal to everyone. Our ideas have been both been quoted and condemned by even our close friends and family, so don’t expect your typical discussions on culture, politics, and other fields full of sacred cows.


Christopher King and Sandra Kirkpatrick have been partners since 2001. This domain came into existence to document their travels in the “Earthbus,” a 1988 Ford E-350, former day-care center bus, with a diesel engine powered by vegetable oil the two would pick up from Chinese food restaurant. A lot has happened since then.

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