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“Guerilla Marketing,” Influence, and Deceit are Not New to People Paying Attention


In 1998, I was sitting at the end of a bar talking with the bartender and a couple of people sitting on the other corner. From my place, I could see down the length of the bar past the couple to the area where the wait-staff picked up their drinks and beyond to where other patrons gathered on stools and standing to put orders in with the bartender on the opposite side. While the four of us talked, obviously the bartender continued to work, and during one of the moments while he was away from us, an “event” happened; a PR event known as “guerilla marketing.”

Because of our conversation, we had missed the beginning of the event, but basically it had begun with an argument over something innocuous but vocal, which easily dragged others into it. I admit, it was a long time ago, and we were having our own conversation 6 feet away, so I was aware of what was going on, but I wasn’t hearing what the real argument was; it was one of those typical, pointless bar conversations such as (this was not the real subject), “Hey,what are the seven deadly sins?” Followed by right and wrong answers and jokes and then a slight disagreement about one of the answers based on some feigned, comical ignorance can be entertaining for that kind of small venue.

This was what was happening, there was a rather entertaining disagreement about something in particular that had attracted the attention of others around them. As the exchanged escalated, a bet was made for who had the right answer and the stakes were the guy who was wrong had to buy shots for everyone at the bar. This really got attention from the people from the other end of the bar who were all lined up to put in their drink orders; suddenly the couple and I having our own conversation were subsumed by people crowding in to hear the answer and to see if they’d get a free shot.

So have I illustrated the scene enough? Basically, we’d not been paying attention to the “event” as it was unfolding, it was not until we were interrupted and crowded that we began paying attention to the focus of the crowd. It was at that moment the actual “reveal” occurred with a “neutral party” announcing who was right and who had to buy the bar a shot of whatever. The crowd cheered, the guy who lost made a big announcement mentioning the ridiculous name of some nasty Jägermeister knock-off he was buying everyone and within a few minutes, a couple of “hot girls” had distributed coasters with the name around to everyone.

The bartenders were pissed because they said that had happened more often and it really disrupted the flow of the bar. There weren’t enough glasses and enough people to wash them fast enough for a stunt like that and it caused a hole in the night’s register. Think about it, the same work it took to distribute $3 shots could have distributed the $5-$7 well drinks the people in line were to order.

This was going to be a Facebook Post

Because of FB algos and distance in time and space from old acquaintances, not everyone who this post was intended for will ever even see it; I considered making this visible to the small group of people who were involved with Occupy Tulsa, friends in the media, and a few others who would understand why I included them. But then after working on it for a bit, I decided to take it over to my neglected website as it fits with the theme I write about often…. the fact that reality is much more fluid than what a culture can afford to have its adherents realize for themselves, thus there is very little authentic ‘public’ life without intrusive, deceitful actors selling a particular way of life.

The information in this leak is 10 months old, but it resurfaced on my rss feed this morning.

Looking over the internal documents of the GCHQ, I identified many tactics that we observed happen with occupy. Particularly the “sensemaking” section under “Gambits of Deception” triggered flashbacks to then entire “Danfany” episode, of which black hats like the “Christian Machiavellian” and others took advantage and made the entire group look like idiots to the media. The media, of course, being none to happy to show the “high jinks” to the sceptical public who had supported the efforts in the beginning, but then quickly distanced itself from the drama they observed in the “open forum” of the General Assembly.

This further confirms the power of an intent and fucatory mal-actor at shaping daily perception of events and others.

Back to that night in 1998, we drank our shots and commiserated with our bartender friend and went on to the business of the rest of the night.

I didn’t give the “event” a second thought that night.

A few years later, however, while perusing books at a thrift store, I found a marketing book with a section on “guerrilla marketing.” The term was new to me and attracted my attention. As I skimmed, quite to my surprise, there was a section highlighting the effectiveness of “guerrilla marketing” using the example of “spontaneous events” at bars and restaurants. As I described at the beginning, a contrived discussion ends with everyone in the bar getting a free shot of the brand name.

Because the book was a marketing book, it talked about the percentages of people who were more likely to unconsciously order that shot for the night and how many continue to reflexively order the brand at that bar during future visits. The retention numbers were impressive since they were all built on the fact that most of those people would never know that they were witnessing what was essentially a live-action commercial in real-time. Most sub-consciously identify with the other patrons at the bar and because these attractive people were at the same bar as them mentioning a particular name as their drink which they wanted to share, the brand is memetically associated with their handsomeness, the spirit of sharing, and a general good time.

They will NEVER know that the same crew probably went on to hit every other bar on that street which had ordered a case of the stuff they were being paid to advertise.

Manipulating Emotions; It’s Not Just Facebook!

Recently, a new bit of clickbait has been showing up on my Facebook “news stream.”

I’ve seen it get posted by at least 3 different people on my timeline and I have watched their threads degenerate into arguments. In the last case, the OP commented,

Apparently this post caused some angry private messages, not by me or to me, but because of this post and its threads. I only posted this as information and to discuss the topic. We are all here for our own reasons and we have our own views.. it is important that we respect those views and keep our tempers in check.

I think the piece itself is full of, what us “radical linguists” (there are others, dozens!) see as “hidden language;” in that, the words and phrasing that this author has used are meant to pull up other, words from other, more emotional arguments in readers’ heads.

Words, indeed, are the ‘what’ in the question of “What creates the world?” To be simplistic, what do we use to define words but other words?

There are numerous examples I could point out, but the one that takes the cake for being having a major caveat built into it rendering it the basis for an argument was number 12:

“We currently have fewer soldiers, sailors and airmen in war zones than any time in over 10 years.”

Do you see it? Its the same kind of caveat as when W Bush said,

“Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories regarding the attacks of September 11.”

What I see in both those statements is a huge, hidden categorical syllogism that renders the statements factually, yet not logically true.

While *we* may have less troops in the war zones themselves, the amount of troops controlling drones from comfy chairs in a bunker outside of Boulder, CO is left up to the reader to discover on their own, if the notion of how much the drone war on weddings in Afghanistan has expanded since Obama has been in office.

As far as conspiracy theories about September 11th goes, Mr. Bush wasn’t encouraging the UN not to tolerate conspiracy theories, just the “outrageous” ones. Presumably he means the ones not repeated Ad Nauseum on Fox, CNN, and CNBC et al in between commercials for Proctor and Gamble products.

Basically, I believe the language used in the article and its hidden categorical syllogisms is what actually accounts for the source of the bickering from the emotional responses this article induced.

As for my personal reactions to many of the statements, I’m neither a democrat nor a republican, but I used to be called “liberal” until I started the questioning the nature of the state itself, that is, collusion and force. While many of the statements with their sources may be accepted at face value, they are at the expense of context. I disagree that the unemployment numbers going down are an example of a positive thing since one must be aware of how much the labor pool has shrunk since 2008 in order to have proper context for a 5.9% unemployment rate. Also, looking into the breakdown of the actual unemployment numbers in the tables by demographic attributes, and the number which tracks the ‘underemployed for education level’ which is nicknamed the “PhD.s flipping burgers” is well over 14%. That represents a great deal of loss when one considered the amount of money that it took to educate these people and all the economic factors that were calculated based on that level education (e.g. future earnings potential x economic activity multipliers) which is now, ultimately lost investment. So I think the politics of the piece are not so much “liberal” or even “democrat” as much as it seems to be cheer-leading the government itself.

While I used to spend a great deal of “activist energy” on demanding change and hoping for better laws to stop bad things from happening. It really wasn’t until I started learning more about how money works, what creates it, who has to bear the risk for its creation, and its intimate relationship with debt that I began to understand the ‘collusion’ on the part of the political class with the real, invisible authoritarians who “own the world;” e.g. the people (both human and Corporate) who privatize labor and the capital it creates in trade for little green pieces of paper created at taxpayer expense. The notion of “redistribution of wealth” is ridiculous in the US since every dollar is created out of debt. Now, if there is discussion of redistribution of debt or risk from those who are least able to defend themselves from it back onto those responsible for creating it and externalizing it, I’ll be right there.

At one time, Samuel Huntington opined on the good old days when the president (Truman) could run the government the with the help of one or two Wall Street lawyers; I wish the same could said today, but judging from the luminaries (sarcasm) which the Obama character placed into the key economic positions in his government (Geitner, Summers, Paulson, et al), perhaps the good old days of a “strong executive” is back.

To the financial sector and the central bankers that feed it, it doesn’t matter which party occupies the set-decorations that pass as the US government, whether its a mush-mouthed son of a carpetbagger passing himself off as a Texan or well-spoken son of Frank Marshall Davis (just to mix up the story a bit), what passes for political debate and the pop-culture will always be shaped by the words which the mouthpiece media is fed to deliver as the story of record.

The government’s roll is to be the force, the tool that is used by the authoritarian private state that owns the US to enforce policies that lead to genocide, ecocide, and economic exploitation by law.

Depression Quest | An Interactive (non)fiction Game about Living with Depression

I've also told my partner that it felt like my arms would work

I’ve described it as feeling like I’m swimming in glue

Depression’s cycle is made worse by its power over sufferers which forces them to internalize their struggle and which renders friends and family’s attempts to “help” more destructive than supportive.

Tragically, it is this misunderstanding of the depressed persons thought-processes by everyone (including/especially the depressed person) that their concern inadvertently reinforces the overwhelming sense of self-loathing that is present with depression.

As the cycle plays out over and over during one’s lifetime, the depressed person alienates others who attempt to help and those friends misinterpret the rebuffs to their efforts as dismissals of their friendship.

You may know people who are severely depressed, chances are you’ve experienced their flakiness first-hand when you had plans to meet and they didn’t show up, or when they did show up, they were socially awkward until they drank a little and over-shared about something very emotionally and out-of-character, or they said they’d call you and you hadn’t heard or seen them again in three months.

When you do get them out, it even seems like they have a good time and even go home very late; but then again, without explanation, they drop off the face of the planet for extended periods of time. While they say they are busy, they are actually “busy” with pacing their apartment stressing over how they aren’t doing what they should be doing or didn’t do what they should have done and now its too late.

They probably made excuses about going to bed early, but chances are they literally laid in bed all night awake and thinking about what they should have done that day to make their life normal and easy to live as everyone else seems to be able to do without effort and what they are supposed to prepare be doing the next day to make their life normal but have no clue what its supposed to be.

Periodically, the depressed person will suddenly gain a sense of the difference between who they feel like they are now and the person they were before the last/latest ongoing “episode” and experience shame, guilt, and remorse for not only losing that person they imagine they were, but also for being responsible for killing all the relationships with the people they cared about all because of not feeling like they could, or knew how to communicate to others what it is like to try to make decisions or simply “be” with depression.

This game is one interpretation of this struggle. It attempts to show what it is like to try to get through normal life as a person with depression. It’s like a ‘choose your own adventure,’ except you’ll notice some of the choices that ‘regular people’ would make are not available… and I mean they are present so you can see them, but they are crossed off and not an option. This was a particularly poignant feature I’m glad creator Zoe Quinn included; just because the depressed person intellectually knows that something is wrong and can see there are options that other people may reflexively choose, it doesn’t mean one would even consider those options if they weren’t crossed off.

I recommend playing several times so you can choose the options ‘as you would’ as yourself, a non-depressed person and then again with the other options to see what plays out for the character. If you are also depressed, play the game to try to gain some perspective on yourself and to gain some vocabulary to use and try to share your experience with others.

Hopefully this game will show you that there are others who are struggling to put those feelings and thoughts into words too; let this be an opportunity to, if nothing else, to try to relate your experiences to your loved ones through this lens. This is a chance to share the game with the people in your life to say, “Hey, check this out–does this make sense to you?”

Please follow it up with, “Because it REALLY makes sense to me and I’d like to talk about that.”

Overall, it’s not the best game and it’s not the best representation of what it is actually like to live with depression’s voice in one’s head everyday all the time; but I think it is a good start for “regular people” who know a person with depression (or who don’t realize they do).

I hope this game will make someone suddenly put a bunch of incidents with that person together in their mind in such a way they say,
“OOOOHHHHH…. wait a second…. I thought that guy just was being a lazy jerk for not coming to my party/anniversary/wedding/etc…. and those times he’d drink a little and start bitching about work and then get so angry about how much he hated people he’s ‘forced’ to work around…. and all the times he’d sarcastically criticize people who were successfully doing what they loved to do and making a living with it…. and then afterwards, he’d disappear into his house for months sending out cryptic, self-effacing messages about his embarrassment about his behavior…..I GET IT NOW. He was really expressing frustrations with what he imagined was himself, but which no one else seemed to see.”


…and be grateful for the person who sticks around.

Love of Billionaires in a Zero-Balance Economy

The Billionaire is the one telling you how hard it is to steer properly.

If, in a zero-balance economy made up of entries on balance sheets and where one person’s entry on the asset column of their balance sheet is an equal entry on the debts column of another person’s balance sheet then, some people have more “money” BECAUSE others have less or none at all.

But don’t read that wrong. I’m not subtly suggesting that “wealth” should be “re-distributed” from those with it to those without it. Their “wealth” is based on corresponding “debt.” Redistributing “wealth” within a system tilted so that assets flow towards these people and debt and risk flows towards others will do nothing without correspondingly redistributing the debt that made that wealth possible in the first place. The fallacy is that they accumulated that wealth without successfully externalizing the Risk of their investments onto others least able to defend themselves from it.

Poor people are poor because wealthy people are wealthy. Don’t repeat that too loudly without offending people who believe in the old Horatio Alger stories that say anyone can be wealthy by “hard work and dedication” ….. oh, AND LUCK. “If you work hard, someday you may be walking home from the factory and the boss’s daughter may have lost control of her horses so you’ll be able to be there to save her and impress the boss so much that he’ll put you in charge.” Only in America.

This little rant has been inspired by the new book Billionaires:Reflections on the Upper-Crust published by the Brookings Institution Press. 

People in the US love their billionaires.
What did Soros say?
What did Rupert say Soros said?
Did you hear that Bill Gates is donating millions to that charity?
Wow, Richard Branson is so cool, I wonder what he’s going to do next?
Yeah, Zuckerberg is a dick, but I’d be a dick too if I were a billionaire.
But you really can’t say anything bad about Warren Buffet, he’s just a nice old man from Omaha who must have a brilliant mind.
How dare you criticize George Kaiser and his Family Foundation! He gives money to programs that help poor women in prisons’ children so they can get an education. What would Tulsa do without him?

Its Always A Good Time to Start Composting

I really like the idea and the look of this composter. If it actually works, it would be even cooler. I know most my friends and readers of this site are in North America, but you all may not know I’m in South America now; so I can’t get one of these delivered to me. If you know anything about me, you know I love nothing more than raising up a nice crop of compost, so if you can, buy one of these and let me know how well it works or otherwise what your experience is with it.

If I get positive reports back to me, I may have to have one of you “mule” one down to me.

Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project

Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project

Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project

Is “the state” JUST the Government? Or is There Something More Creating our Ways of Life?


One point where I seem to split from many of my friends who call themselves “anti-government,” market capitalists, and even anti-capitalists to some extent, is that I apply the term “State” to include not just the government, but also all industry that directs technological and infrastructural developments (like car/oil companies for example) which depends on protectionism, the ‘mental colonizers’ such as the Public Relations industry & subordinate mouthpieces on the nightly news, and the all of the institutions (whether NGOs, non-profits, or large universities) whose board members all seem to come from the same upper echelons above .75 depicted here.

These are the institutions sculpting what ‘daily life’ for most humans looks like and what ‘proper goals’ should set by individuals for aspiration. These organizations claim the exclusive right to decide what the future will look like and silently conspire to create an atmosphere of TINA.


I think illustrations like this support my view on The State more than their fear and distrust of ‘Government’ and misunderstanding of the source of Capital, who creates it, who owns it, and who steals it to be used as it is today.

If we take the illustration literally, and visualize all the workers on the bottom of a pyramid of power, then we can see that the broadest part of the pyramid on the bottom SHOULD be rebelling due to all the weight and stress foisted upon them. However, talking this thought experiment out a little further, let’s imagine the workers on bottom as stratified further…not top to bottom, but instead visualize concentric circles.

The outside most part of the group is actually the biggest circle surrounding a smaller, middle circle which surrounds a tight little group in the middle of all the workers. This tight little group never sees outside of the other workers and bears majority weight from above, all the way up to the top of the pyramid.

Needless to say, these are the most oppressed workers who shout the loudest about the unbearable weight of all the upper classes above them. But their oppression doesn’t just come from above, it comes from the outside, largest circle of the bottom pyramid as well.

You see, the majority of the people around the outside of the bottom level of the pyramid are actually bearing LESS WEIGHT from the people above and they have access to the most fresh air.

Therefore, there is our answer of why the bottom classes are so easily swayed by a “democratic” majority that keeps the inner circles in line by shouting down their complaints of the weight from above.

For the core oppressed to gain the freedom of life outside of the concentric circles around them, they not only have to fight the oppressive weight from above, they also must struggle with making their peers understand how they are complicit in allowing the majority of the weight to stay on them while believing they are struggling against the same forces.

A Night in the Desert with Cops and Bodies All Around

Clarence and I hitchhiked across the US in 1997.

I know how to act around the guys with guns that are protected by badges just like I know how to act around a potentially dangerous dog. Don’t make sudden movements, don’t turn your back, DON’T KEEP YOUR HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS. Simple stuff really. But the key is that you cannot LOOK like you are aware of how to act around them, that is a challenge to them. I abide cops and the law the same way I abide a vicious guard dog–I avoid them and do no business with those who hide behind them.

One time, I was kind of stuck in the middle of the Nevada desert in the middle of the night. No car would stop for except for the county Highway Patrol. They stopped short of me, keeping their bright in my face instead of pulling up next to me or beyond me to stop as a potential ride would. Although blinded, I somehow saw a glimmer of the red and blue above the lights, so I unconsciously put my arms out away from my body.
As the patrolmen then began getting out of their cars and maintaining bright flashlights in my eyes, I heard them say, “Oh look, he must have been through this before.” And then to me, “You obviously have something to hide, or else you wouldn’t be trying to make it look like you don’t.”
“No sir, I just know how to act around the men with the guns in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.”

Well, they ran my ID and sweated me for a while, but I was nothing if not a savvy hitchhiker, I’d done my research and knew little tricks of legalities like how far from pavement one can stand and legally stick his thumb out for a free, long-distance trip. So they didn’t have anything to use to take me in on and I hadn’t challenged their immediate authority over me.

Instead, they handed me a pen and an index card that asked for all my vital stats: weight, height, eye color etc, as well as a description of my clothing and my belongings. I asked them what it was for, and they just looked at each other and said, “Meh, don’t worry about it, YOU’LL be able to find a ride out of here.” And they left me at that.

No cars stopped for me after that, they all flew past in excess of 90 mph. Eventually I had walked far enough to reach the next town. It was around sunrise, so I stopped off at the local diner. The waitress was very nice and asked me all about my story and how I came to be there.

I told her what she would understand of how I came to be there (the real details are really too much for most people to handle), ending with my experience with the cops from the night before. I summed up the index card with what I thought it might have been; I supposed that if they found me again, they’d have some excuse to arrest me as a vagrant.

She kind of squinted and grimaced out the window saying, “He didn’t tell you what that was for? Well, he’s my husband, and I’m going tell him he should have told you what that was.”
“Was it bad?”
Well, no. You see, they find so many dead bodies out here that’s their way of keeping up the people they had contact with beforehand.”
“How many bodies?”
“A lot. Do you realize how close to California and Death Valley we are here? Most of them are murder victims. But a lot are guys like you, accidentally hitchhiked out here or got dumped by an angry girlfriend or wife in the middle of a car trip.”
“What? That happens?”
“Oh yeah, that happens more than you’d know. A couple on their way from the East Coast, think they are going to a better life in California, been fighting since Ohio… either he says ‘Stop the car and let me out,’ or she somehow kicks him out.”
“…And it’s never the guys who dump the girls, because they come back or someone will pick up a girl. But women keep going to live their life in California, meanwhile the guy wonders out here for a few days and either dies from exposure or someone shoots them from their car as they drive by.”
“What? No way, you have to be messing around with me.”
“No, I’m not. That’s kind of ‘unofficial’ sport around here, but don’t tell my husband I told you that.”

“Wow. I guess I’m glad I made it here as soon as I did.”

She then bought some bags I had weaved and other trinkets I’d learned to travel with for barter moments like that. Eventually I did make it Las Vegas and then my troubles really began.

Thoughts on Robin – Depression Sucks

Robin Williams was Human

Fuck you, depression.

Fuck you for taking my friend.

Fuck you for being the only ailment where no advancement in treatment has been found.

May you burn in hell depression…oh that’s right…you are hell.

Depression is a table for one.

Depression is a silent killer.

Depression took my friend.

His death has made me…depressed.

You win again.

Fuck you.


As someone who has battled depression my whole life, both on and off meds and self-medicating with THC, to me, depression is a very personal, internal struggle that is very difficult to talk about how it ‘feels’ with others, even others who suffer from depression too.

My first reactions upon hearing the news were shock and disappointment. But then as we heard more details of his depression, it was like we’re in a war and I just heard we lost another battle. I felt an acute tinge through my entire body as I began to think, “If someone like HIM couldn’t fight it…then….”

For several days, I slipped into a funk that was very much like the time my high school friend killed herself 5 years after graduation. That was the only other time I had to deal with the wake of suicide on such a personal level. My friend had recently won the Miss Latina Pageant in our town, so there were many left wondering what had happened to her to make her do that.

With Robin’s death, I was filled with irrational feelings of disappointment in myself…as though if it’d been possible for me to overcome my depression, then perhaps it wouldn’t have been strong enough to take someone like Robin.

Rick Overton, one of Robin’s close friends, posted about Robin’s personality change after his open-heart surgery which somewhat snapped me out of that. It made me feel so much better than the picture that my mind was projecting. It helped give perspective that I’d totally missed and helped silence that part of my mind that conjures up terrible, abstract things over which I’ll focus and stress on for days.

Its been a hard couple of weeks of unexpected emotion and self-reflection. Robin was 20 years older than I am, and I’d not given serious thought to how much of my life, my personality, my point of view on life was formed by watching Robin perform the characters who, in turn informed me about life and relationships. I can’t believe there will be no more of those performances to see, I’m still not ready for that part quite yet. In the meantime, I’m grateful for a cannon of work which is worth multiple viewings. Has anyone watched Being Human (1994 film) in while? Some of his most underrated and under-appreciated work.

I’m very glad to see Depression getting attention. I hate it that it took the death of someone whom I never realized was such an important person to me for it to happen. There are ways you can help a depressed friend, but unfortunately, a depressed person is hardest on those they care about the most. So often, what happens is the people who can help the most are run-off by the person who needs the most help.

Perhaps as the dialogue about what depression is and how it affects people is taken more seriously, techniques and patterns of interpersonal interactions can be developed and shared. Then depressed people may gain a sense of themselves as seen by others rather the negative self-impression that enforces self-alienation.

“Ecuador ‘BANS’ Bitcoin” Well…. Not Exactly

As far as I can read, that’s not quite the case and coindesk is overstating a bit. I’m reserving further judgment for a few days to see what the fallout, further explanations, or wider reactions will be.

But I will say this, most Ecuadorians have not even heard of bitcoin yet and most won’t understand (or won’t be allowed to know) how the government’s digital credit system will operate; therefore, the public will probably equate the two. But when the government’s secretive system’s “unforeseen” flaws are exposed through mass usage, then the public will either see the differences of the Bitcoin Core or they will eschew it and succumb to whichever authoritarian takes advantage of the weakened economic state for popularity. If anything, if they were really interested in the future of Ecuador’s dollar-based economy, the Ecuadorian government’s best hope would be to open the first National Bitcoin Exchange through the Central Bank so they could trade off their dollars and implement their electronic money scheme based on something with long term value: BITCOIN. Then when/if the dollar destabilizes further and more Worldwide transactions are based in some other form of reserve currency or simply NOT-THE-DOLLAR, the Ecuadorian government would have reserve bitcoins to trade for any currency necessary to secure trade with as wide a variety of sources possible. Other than that, what happens to Ecuadorians when/if there is any destabilizing event that affects the dollar?

Don’t mean to sound so dire, actually. Just saying that Correa and the government seem to be cashing in all the bonus coupons its been saving up from all the infrastructure, health, and education projects all at once. This has really been depleting the goodwill those bonus coupons represented. As someone who knows Game Theory, Correa may appearing to be playing a strategy with a goal that opponents and critics say to be that of a Dictator, but I’d bet that he’s playing an angle that is not as obvious. Not to give credit to Correa or say his and the government’s intentions are at all benevolent, I’m too much of a cynic to believe that they would be acting if not first for their own and their progenies’ future power matrices.

I think it could be as simple as the Ecuadorian government believing its own best interests are that of the peoples and “nation” of Ecuador in the future. This is akin to someone smoking their own belly-button lint and breaking everyone’s windows to let in some fresh air because their house stinks so bad. I hope this type of Chauvinism doesn’t last much longer, but I’m afraid with economists, bankers, and politicians still so hostile to being supplanted by an algorithm that makes them obsolete, then we can always expect them do everything they can to spread ignorance about the Blockchain. No authoritarian system, no matter how benevolent, ever designed itself with a OFF button.

Lucky for the rest of us, Open Source Knowledge, Decentralized Cryptocurrencies, and Cryptographic Technology is like the TV B GONE of Centralized Authoritarianism. We don’t have to fight governments or bankers directly, we don’t have to storm the Bastille, we simply have to build our own systems that replace them and stop contributing to their delusions of power over us by abiding their laws and violence. Sure, they might still exist, but as islands of tyranny and injustice surrounded by the rational world chosen by people who refused to play that game by their rules. Let me amend that to say “people who refused to WIN that game by their rules.” We’ve got our own game over here. Its much funner to play and progressively more rewarding than the old one because everyone is designing their own interface instead of having to buy the proprietary version from the monopolized provider.

For more on the reaction of the Ecuadorian Bitcoin Community, of which I am a part, click here for their website.

Ecuador’s Bitcoin Community issues An Open Letter

Here is the google-translated version of the open letter to the Ecuadorian government concerning the problems with the plan for the national electronic currency violating the Constitution’s guarantees of Privacy and Security of communication. The Community has offered suggestions and guidance to help exempt cryptocurrencies from the legislation.

Quito DM, July 20, 2014
National Assembly of the Republic of Ecuador

Dear Sirs:
The Community Bitcoin Ecuador born in late 2013 as an interdisciplinary group of citizens area economy, computer systems, electronics and traders interested in taking alternative monetary systems and decentralized criptomonedas.

The main objective of the Community is to investigate and publicize, in our country, the technological advantages Bitcoin; protocol which has sparked an unprecedented interest worldwide due to their particular application as electronic currency, also boasts unique features that allow your about new services are developed with varied applications such as storage decentralized information, notary services, smart contracts, etc..

The scenario of creating an Ecuadorian electronic money raised through the draft Code Monetary and Financial, has raised obvious interest in our community, because we keep close relationship with the subject; why we have raised several questions, mainly in right to privacy.

The “Draft Organic Monetary and Financial Code,” as it is raised, proposes the creation of a new centralized electronic currency would operate in tandem with the dollar as circulating determine the following items:

Article 14: Functions: The Board has the following functions:
19. “Set Payment Systems”
21. “Regular management of electronic money […] in accordance with the provisions of this code.”
38. “Set units of account”.
Article 36: Duties: The Central Bank of Ecuador has the following functions:
20. “Providing exclusive national coins, as well as e-currency under policy issued by the Board and Monetary Policy and Financial Regulation;
“Article 92. “… The Central Bank of Ecuador is the only entity authorized to provide and manage currency national or electronic metal in the Republic of Ecuador, […] according to the provisions of this code […]. “” The specified currency in this article is a means of payment. ”

Creating an electronic currency brings unquestionable benefits such as reduced costs for The system and user convenience, however, inadequate technical implementation may affect severely to user privacy.

1. Concerning respect for privacy
Intimacy and privacy are universally recognized human rights treaties and multiple conventions, several of them officially ratified by our country and enshrined in the Constitution of the follows:

Rights of Freedom
Article 66: It is recognized and guarantee to persons:
20. “The right to personal and family privacy.”
21. “The right to the inviolability and secrecy of the physical and virtual correspondence […] This right protects or any other form of communication. ”
Money is one of the most intimate tools we have. Daily life includes activities Cart – Sale of goods and services made ​​as simple as traveling by bus or buy food. The currency would facilitate electronic experience or relationship between merchant and consumer, but the inadequate implementation of the system could lead to the creation of tools with the ability to tracking activities of its users, even the location of the same. Depending on the algorithm implementation, the electronic currency could invade the privacy of citizens, and that from the digital transactions can make the association between identity, place, amount, and time setting transaction.

Physical currency, due to its very nature has the ability to disclose users; however, the electronic currency due to its centralized nature is digital and fully programmable, the system can be easily modified as the exclusive boundary having the current legal framework. System electronic currency that does not take into account these concerns could be used as a means of monitoring massive.

Additionally, Article 92 of the “Monetary and Financial Code” states that: “In no case State may compel a natural or legal person in private law to receive a currency other than the dollar United States of America “in such capacity under the current physical access of the citizen could be limited if we consider the following items of the project:

Art.92. “Swap […] of dollars of the United States of America, […] pertains only to Central Bank of Ecuador … in accordance with the provisions of this code and the regulation issued by the Board and Monetary Policy and Financial Regulation. ”
Art.95. “The exchange of the currency … will be conducted by the Central Bank of Ecuador, and in the light bearer, no charge of any kind. The entities of the National Financial System will be required to provide services to exchange currency in accordance with the terms prescribed by the Policy Board and Monetary and Financial Regulation, with exceptions to be determined. ”

These items could create a scenario in which physical access to be limited circulation and use of Electronic currency is indispensable.

The implementation of electronic currency should consider the advantages of privacy offered by the medium physical, and incorporated into the algorithms that structure this system. While this is technically feasible for Through the use of protocols such as Bitcoin, allowing to keep the cryptographic algorithms independence between the user’s personal data, place and own transaction data; keeping, including the transactional history of the coin, without attaching personal data citizens.

February. Criptomonedas On the use of decentralized
In late 2008 a document entitled “Bitcoin: An Electronic Money System Par Par” was published; It describes the operation of an electronic coin which acts on the Internet without the need for a central agent coordination. The publication led to decentralized criptomonedas, ie implemented on digital currencies cryptographic algorithms working on the network without the need for have a centralized governing nucleus but delivery control functions and coordination algorithms Mathematical operating in a distributed manner between the network nodes. This allows the protocol to be used in different applications such as DNS decentralized systems, notarization decentralized, smart contracts, intelligent property and several technological applications still development process.

Bitcoin is free software, its distribution is free and the source code is open, so anyone You can access this technology, and possesses the necessary skills can participate directly in the developing it.

In that sense, Bitcoin is consistent with Executive Order 1014 of 2008 Free Software establishes as state policy.

Their style, utility and proven possibilities consider the Bitcoin protocol should be studied and researched from an academic point of view and should be allowed to develop an appropriate scenario towards criptomonedas in Ecuador. For example, the Institute of Technology Massachusetts (MIT) has allowed the development of a viable environment to Bitcoin inside campus with the aim of boosting research and entrepreneurial activities around this technology of their students.

Following this line, as Yachay projects that seek to promote the development technological change and Productive Matrix could be spaces where criptomonedas investigated develop and formally. Likewise, the disruptive technology allows the creation of a new way of relating economically decentralized and peer (Peer to Peer) according to the precepts and guidelines development policies popular and solidarity economy driven by the Plan National Good Living.

1. Concerning respect to privacy
Request an item level set algorithm to separate personal and location data is included, data system of electronic money transactions, which indicate:
Art “the privacy of users of electronic currency under the principles established will be maintained the Constitution of Ecuador. Implementing all necessary assurances techniques that reflect the Current state of the art, in order to limit the association between personal data users own the place and transaction information. Its implementation will be open source. ”

We consider it a matter of time before electronic currency is the monetary standard and because of its convenience store to be in widespread use. The Ecuador, being a pioneer in creating an electronic currency State origin, you should use methodology that respects fundamental rights. The electronic money must be auditable and source code must be released as free software, in order to ensure privacy algorithm design system, rather than by operating policy.

“Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. Privacy is not secrecy. A private matter is something that we do not want everyone to know, but a matter secret is something we do not want anyone to know. Privacy is the ability to reveal selectively to the world. “Eric Hughes, 1993

February. Decentralized About Criptomonedas
To allow the development of a decentralized ecosystem criptomonedas propose incorporating word “national” before the word “electronic” is drafted Article 92 as follows:
Article 92 “The Central Bank of Ecuador is the only entity authorized to provide and manage currency national or national electronic metal in the Republic of Ecuador, and equivalent convertible to dollars United States of America, in accordance with the provisions of this Code and the regulation and Released Board and Monetary Policy and Financial Regulation. ”

Exclude decentralized criptomonedas prohibitions of Article 96.
Including the decentralized criptomonedas Article 98 as a means of payment voluntary.
Add the word “national” before the word “electronic” to paragraph 21 of Article 14, the following way:
Section 14 (21). “Regular management and provide national electronic currency to the Central Bank of Ecuador implementation, monitoring and evaluation, as well as the metallic currency, in accordance withprovisions of this Code, ”

With this background, we request granted a formal hearing to present our proposals reform project to clarifying concerns or questions that may arise when respect, or failing that, consider the analysis of the principles referred to in this document.
Hoping to contribute to a conceptual improvement in the current bill, thank you in advance for your attention.

Best regards.

Community Bitcoin Ecuador


Why I’m A Bitcoiner by Justin O’Connell

This is a great post to Max Keiser’s blog by Justin O’Connell of answering the question many of us get asked, “Why are you into bitcoin?” has a great history with, not only have we ordered many ounces of silver from them, we had such a great experience with them, we’re also an affiliate. Click here and set up your account and hedge your bitcoins into gold and silver.

Why I’m A Bitcoiner

When I begin telling somebody I am a bitcoiner, sometimes their eyes glaze over in the same way eyes would glaze over when I began a sales pitch. But they’re mistaken. I am not selling bitcoin, I am promoting an alternative way of living, doing business. At one point I too was in their shoes.

Maybe it is in my blood to yearn for change, maybe the grass is always greener on the other side. If one thing is for sure, I don’t see bitcoin as a viable medium of exchange and beyond simply because I have personally invested time into understanding it. It’s usefulness was made clear to me, by another digital native, and I soon understood that many of the world’s problems could be solved with a technology like bitcoin. It doesn’t matter that bitcoin’s price might go to unexpected heights. That award for those who sought change is merely an afterthought when placed in the perspective that distributed currencies make central banking obsolete.

Upon learning that I am leaving the Federal Reserve System, friends and family immediately inquire if perhaps I am being naive and angsty. They’re worried that I am falling for a financial scam…and that I am trying to get them involved. From my perspective, I lament that the answer for my departure is anything but obvious.

It is no fun watching our loved ones live in ignorance of the new way of doing things. So here are my real, unfiltered, honest reasons for leaving the financial system. You’ll notice many of them are moral.

Discussions revolving around the new technology bitcoin oftentimes focus on the economic and financial technicals. Whether or not the system itself is viable in terms of functionality or not and also whether or not it is just plain useful. Rarely, a fact that highlights our personal pre-disposition away from morals and ethics, does discussion about the “should” of bitcoin pepper the philosophizing about bitcoin. In the following examples I try to promote this line of reasoning.

1. Government held a legal monopoly on money until bitcoin.
 – a. Fiat money system was designed by the American power elite.
 – b. The same interests who supported Nazi Germany & the Soviet Union.

2. Government controlled fiat money funds an immoral system.
 – a. A century of American military interventions.
 – b. There are more Americans in jail than there were in Stalin’s gulags.
 – c. You’re old enough to go to war before you’re old enough to have a drink…and smoke?

3. The world is built upon the back of the poor, while the rich collect interest.
 – a. Americans work 129 days a year to pay taxes.
 – b. Twice as many billions fund corporate welfare than social welfare.
 – c. Nearly 40% of Americans believe they will work until they die.

4. Privacy is dead.
 – a. Five Misconceptions About US Cyber Espionage
 – b. 2013 Global surveillance disclosure
 – c. Americans lose access to international banking

5. Stealing is moral…sometimes
 – a. The IMF believes a “steady dose of financial repression” is in order to fix the global economic crisis.
 – b. The European Union wants a plan “to mobilize more personal pension savings for long-term financing.”
 – d. Cypriots fighting for their lost savings to no avail
 – e. “All Italians money launderers until proven innocent.”                                                                                                                                      

6. The Debt
 – a. The US National Debt is 211,000,000,000,000
 – b. No jubilee in sight.
 – c. Young American was brainwashed and then ripped off at college.

7. The financial industry is insecure
 – a. 75% of banking sites found insecure
 – b. Banking apps poorly written says researcher
 – c. Apparent hackers block access to major US banking websites

8. Bitcoin is potentially good for the earth.
 – a. Receipts are poisoning you
 – b. Cash or credit? Both might be worse for the environment than bitcoin
 – c. Big banks don’t care about the environment

9. Bitcoin helps the poor.
 – a. Especially those without bank accounts
 – b. 80% of African adults have no bank account…bitcoin to the rescue.
 – c. Bitcoin and modern tech is disrupting the corporate labor market

10. Bitcoin saves individuals on money transfer (MT) fees, helping the poor, while creating competition for big finance
 – a. Moneygram MT fees
 – b. Western Union MT fees
 – c. Wire Transfer fees
 – d. PayPal fees    
 – e.  Bitcoin’s non-fees   

11. Bitcoiners are charitable
 – a. Feeding homeless and saving lives
 – b.Non-profit success stories starting to emerge.

Justin O’Connell is Chief Executive Officer of GoldSilverBitcoin and the author of bitcoin, Bitcoinomics, and administrator of the Bitcoinomics website. Justin is also a co-host at Our Very Own Special Show, a lifestyle podcast about music, news, life and other topics and an editor at The Dollar Vigilante.  He lives in California.


On Science and the Defense of Theory

On Science.

Recently, Clif High wrote on his website that included the insistence that he is crazier than David Ikes. I tweeted to him that I say the same thing all the time; to which he responded, “Hopefully only about me.” I said, “No, about myself, however I use ‘Have YOU heard of Clif High’ as proof of my nuttiness.” Clif wrote back that he nearly spew his tea through his nose at reading that.

Again, perhaps I’m showing myself as wackier than David Ikes, but I don’t mind…. so with that said, let me get a little etymologically and linguistically nerdy.

Science is a biased METHOD rooted in Logical Positivism and therefore restricted to empirically sensed data; but that’s not to say does not have merit in the ONGOING process of discovery.

SCIENTISM is an approach which applies the scientific method indiscriminately and definitely for PROFIT. ScienTISTS, fragmented and isolated in their industries, all adhere to the same approach. While Scientists may have disagreements, as long as they agree on the method taken to reach a theory, then they can strike an accord.

So what? Quantum physics and Newtonian physics are mutually exclusive theories? Well, assholes keep building nukes that uses both sets of physics while “Scientists” keep arguing about the so-called “Unified Theory” that combines the two.

Then there are the followers, the masses with dedication to scientifically proven theories to the point of refusing to accept data discovered after theories were “settled and PROVEN.” These are scary people whose behavior is more akin to religious zealotry than real acceptance of so-called science.

It is the same thing for a christianist and a scientist to settle a discussion by taking a parental role of hushing everyone and going to a book and reading a selected passage, the wisdom of such is supposed to be clear.

When a theory has been relegated to the realm of “conventional science,” proponents of scientism will irrationally defend the theory itself against the real tests required by the scientific method. For example, at the super-collider C.E.R.N. scientists keep constructing experiments to prove their hypothesis and find the so-called “god particle.” The particle’s existence is necessary to prove the existence of dark matter. Dark matter’s existence is necessary to explain why all the astronomer/mathematicians’ calculations using gravity as the dominant force in the universe aren’t quite adding up right. Oh my goodness, there is a lot riding on finding that particle, “God.”

That’s why every time the experiment conducted doesn’t get the results that proves the hypotheses, they re-construct the experiment compensating for whatever failure occurred before. They vow to keep recreating the experiment until they achieve the results required by the suppositions they’ve made about everything else so far. Okay, I admit I maybe portraying what the funding going to C.E.R.N. is being used for, but as I understand it, this is no longer science nor scientific method. It is a bunch of monks on their sacred mountain huffing gasses and pretending to tell the future for the highest bidders.

Since mathematicians don’t spend time in laboratories, they don’t spend a lot time keeping up with the fourth state of matter, plasma. So to them, applying any sort of electrical energy across the void of space is koo-koo talk; space is empty and planetary movements are determined by a complicated interplay between mass and distance and time, stuff that can seen and measured.

What about those pesky calculations? Well, when some astronomical event doesn’t match the model’s predictions, then do not scrap the model and go looking for a new accepted point of view, the big money is in aligning the universe to fit with the model by creating “Dark Matter!” Dark Matter the magic stuff that solves equations without all the messiness of redirecting funds based on new data which might benefit competing industries.

Lastly, as in worst, there are science teachers. The good ones can inspire people to create new things and the bad ones spread dogmatic tropes about what people called scientists are doing and “proving” and who snuff out any exploration outside of the boundaries set by respectable scientific institutions. I don’t keep up too much with Dawkins, but I wonder if he has addressed dogmatic behavior of the people who use science in the same way of silencing debate that religious people do?

“Well, you are wrong because the great Markoni of the Atom said….x-y-z… and he was a lot smarter than you or me, so I think that settles the argument.”

By virtue of calling themselves “Teachers” they anoint themselves with an attitude that others, ignorant of the subject, observe and say, “Oh, well she’s a teacher and therefore must know,” and everyone who disagrees with the teacher looks like an intellectual. But its easy to disagree with teachers, just start from the point of view that “teachers are not always right.” If students could be inoculated with that idea while young enough, there might be hope for them to actually learn to think and most importantly, learn to learn.

So Science is a good thing. But not everything labeled with the term is actually science. Although it may very well be scientific and based on the approach of applying the scientific method, faith in something that makes no common sense does not help anyone. Skepticism is a good thing. But turning skepticism inside out and using it to enforce the dominant theories which benefit dominant industries is not actually skepticism.

Misplaced Facebook Outrage and Israel’s Apologist Legion

The focus of this essay is the subject of Israel on Facebook, but it combines two separate posts that began on Facebook, but then I decided to publish them here together instead.


I use FB for a barometer of what many of my friends are paying attention, naturally, but also keep track of the amount of them post ‘clickbait’ and ‘clicktavism,’ a practice rampant within the various political stripes that appear on my feed. At any moment, my feed will have memes defending gun ownership (and use) right next to others condemning whatever the lefties are on about this week… it’s very jarring sometimes. So in the case of my feed, the overall effect is to diminish my interest of the real subject and focus on the behavior and the effect of the behavior over time.

So the same person on my feed who shares the repost calling for the public shaming of the cheerleader for her safari hunting, and who also regularly posts shared reposts with her flare for the invective, posted this photo with same outrage. Thus she’s has effectively reduced the impact of all of her posts…. the theory of diminishing returns… but she’s the last to know. 

A famous director poses next to a prop, mistaken by the indignant to be a “corpse” of a dinosaur

What we see with this is a much deeper activity at hand, the behavior like any other addiction that compels the addict to repeat self-destructive behavior unconsciously; however, by layering in the feelings of participation and “spreading awareness” with good intent, the effect is to either memetically spread outrage to others or meta-memetically undermine their own credibility and everyone who engages in that form of communication and sharing. It’s not enough to quip, “the stupid stay stupid,” as the harmful effect of their behavior on those around is to have stupid spread to them, “for the benefit of awareness.” Just like a junkie or an alcoholic at a certain phase of their addiction, they want everyone around them to feel as they do and to feel as ‘enlightened’ as they feel they are. Oxytocin produced by their brains from the likes, comments, or shares which their ‘outrage post’ spawn assuage the isolation and feelings of alienation.

Lately, one issue that I get pretty upset about, but often reserve commenting about, has reared its ugly head again. Interesting and disappointing, but ultimately informative, for all the clickbait stories of social and political outrage that many of the “political types” whose updates fill my feed, so far, no outrage to about what the state of Israel’s “defense forces” are doing, AGAIN.

There have been three distinct times when I came to understand what is happening in occupied Palestine at the hands of the IDF. The first time was in 2001, when IDF were demolishing Palestinian homes in total violation of so-called International Law. After imposing a curfew on the Palestinians, the IDF would move into a “neighborhood” with tanks and specially-built bulldozers from Caterpillar company in the US. As soon as the demolition began, people fleeing the structures met gunfire by the tanks for violating curfew. I use quotes around the word neighborhood, because to understand a neighborhood in the Occupied Territories, one must understand that these areas are some of the most densely populated spaces on the planet. More refugee camps than neighborhoods, what were called ‘homes’ may have been ramshackle structures build on top of one another with hundreds of people living in each one. There were many witnesses who reported entire buildings being bulldozed full of living and dead people and they reported the tanks and bulldozers would go back and forth over the sites to pulverize the remaining rubble leaving little more than piles. International observers remarked on the overwhelming smell of bodies in some areas; however, talk of investigating the sites as “mass graves” was quickly quashed in the media. Then of course, 9/11 happened and that justified anything Israel, England, and the US wanted to do to muslims abroad.

The next event important enough to me to have formed my viewpoint on the state of Israel came in the Spring of 2003 when, while maintaining the illegal policies of bulldozing homes, an IDF soldier purposefully ran over and killed, crushed, and then backed-up over Rachel Corrie, an activist from the US with International Solidarity Movement who felt compelled to travel to Occupied Palestine to help defend homes. Rachel was the same age as my wife and the story of her life was like ours except she chose to follow her heart and compassion and try to help people who were suffering in Palestine.

Rachel Corrie, dressed in Safety-Orange and after getting the attention of the pilot with a bullhorn, just before the pilot aimed at her and ran her down, killing her on March 16, 2003

At the time of the incident, there was video of the incident taken by other ISM activists with Rachel posted to the internet. There were also clear images of the soldier acknowledging her presence and avoiding her; then after conferring on his radio with his commanders, he opened the throttle and murdered Rachel by crushing her body under his machine. What would happen if this had happened in any other country? How would media and the government respond if any other US citizen were targeted and maliciously crushed by a soldier of any other military in the world occupying and ruling another country? It doesn’t matter, if this is the first you’ve ever read of the incident, then clearly, the popular narrative in the media which omits it enforces the idea that the state of Israel and it’s IDF can do anything they want to anyone they want and the US government, military, or media won’t do anything in response.

The last time I was vocal on the subject was when the IDF boarded a Turkish boat in International Waters, murdered several people including one United States citizen, and jailed the survivors on Memorial Day Weekend in 2010. This event happened after Facebook was dominating the social media market, but it was before it turned into the meme-sharing platform it serves as today. It didn’t get any attention  in the US media other than the obligatory story about how a shipped of protesters attacked the innocent armed soldiers who boarded their vessel supposedly to protect the state of Israel. Truth be told, the week after the incident was the last time I watched an episode of either The Daily Show or The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Sure, I’ve seen segments since then, they are still very funny to me and I enjoy the clever writing. But their flippant remarks about the incident really reminded me that given the subject at hand, US media voices and even those on Comedy Central may say all they want about what happens that seems to “threaten” the state of Israel, but they may not ever show the actions of the state of Israel as being anything other than ‘in her defense.’

I have always been vocal with my criticism of so-called “issue-oriented politics” because in my experience with it, it is distracting from the overarching problems with the economy or the state. Issue-oriented politics also undermines real solutions to problems that go beyond the fickle attention that gets directed at political issues. It’s hard for a person like me not to roll my eyes at posts expressing anger about what republicans are doing or mad about liberals’ policies. I just sigh loudly when I see posts wanting to shame someone for saying something construed as racist or sexist, regardless of the context of statements in private. When I see the posts shrieking shame on some safari-hunting cheerleader for tastelessly not being remorseful for her legal actions and instead posting pictures of her trophies with a big smile that’s when I want to delete my profile and be done with the stupid. As crazy as the cheerleader thing was, it was followed up by the even more outrage that Steven Spielberg had killed a triceratops during what was assumed to be some fantastical, time-travelling safari that the super-rich get to do. Okay, enough already. Facebook is not the place to look for any informed political or social dialogue, my use of Facebook as a barometer of opinion is totally flawed given the fact that Facebook has admitted to manipulating the emotions of its users by way of negative and positive stories on users timelines. 

As I said before, criticism of the state of Israel is verboten in the US media and certainly frowned upon in social situations. This is why there aren’t a lot of ‘outrage’ posts from me about it on Facebook. I feel I have informed myself of the history of the region and the zionists’ plan of establishing Israel and stay abreast of the overall events in the area, so it is hard for me to understand how anyone can isolate their sense of compassion for the Palestinians being used as pawns in some sick, international blackmail game and defend the state of Israel.

“Yes Virginia, there are people paid to post pro-Israel propaganda to Facebook.”


As you read all the IDF talking points being repeated ad nauseam on comment threads about the state of Israel policies of ongoing genocide in Palestine, and as the ‘shills’ get apoplectic, huffing and puffing about the supposed ‘war crimes’ of Hamas, and shifting the responsibility for aggression by the IDF on homes, schools, and hospitals in Gaza be sure to ask them:

How many homes has Hamas bulldozed? (Answer 0, IDF has used special bulldozers provided by Caterpillar,Inc. to destroy, crush, and pulverize buildings since 2001, some of which were still occupied.)

How many International volunteers from the US has Hamas crushed with bulldozers while they bulldozing homes? (Answer 0, most notably, the IDF murdered American, ISM volunteer Rachel Corrie by crushing her with a bulldozer as it destroyed a Palestinian home. At the time she was wearing safety-orange on a sunny day and was shouting through a bullhorn and the pilot acknowledged her before he was then ordered to run her down.)

How many ships in International Waters has Hamas boarded and murdered the people defending themselves? (Answer 0, the IDF attacked and boarded the Mavi Marmara, murdered 9 people including a US citizen, seized the vessel, and jailed all the survivors for attempting to bring toys, medical supplies, and food to Gaza. The media framed the very act of bringing aid to the occupied territory as “attacking Israel” and that threat justified force by the IDF.)

Don’t get taken in by the Trolling… their talking points are all very similar. They focus on the rockets and repeat that Hamas hides their weapons where children are so when IDF bombs a hospital, etc. They will always justify aggression within the concept of self-defense, thus the Orwellian named “Israel Defence Force.”

Copy, paste, and repeat this sentence in response:

“One shouldn’t have to go into a neighbor’s house and hold the family at gunpoint to support their own home’s defense; but if one has done that for fifty years, then the family’s act of feeding itself, breathing, or even existing at all, would be considered a threat against one’s home.”

Inevitably, they will get all righteously indignant that any suggestion that the disparity of the body count after Israeli airstrikes is a racist wish for more dead jews. They will twist logic and their comments will need mental gymnastics to decipher because they will always be enforcing the racist idea that the Muslims want to murder all the jews and the rest of the world is helping them do it when the rest of the world criticizes Israel for murdering Muslims.

All of these points are disingenuous and deceitful, but the people who are on Facebook and other social media sites making sure to insert themselves into every thread and crying and moaning about poor state of Israel will be very forceful with their racist invective against Muslims and Palestinians. Israeli law requires all citizens to serve in the IDF, so even without being paid or told to do so, many will reflexively defend their criminal state the same way many US soldiers will reflexively defend US imperialism and occupation abroad. But there are also legion paid to say these things and spread the talking points. 

In the last 14 years, there literally has not been a year pass wherein the IDF and the state of Israel did not commit overt, outrageous acts against the native population of the nation they OCCUPY, Palestine, and flout all notions of international law. The conflict is not thousands of years old, as the trolls will often repeat; jewish immigrants started arriving in Palestine in the 1880 after the pogroms in Russia. The population swelled after WWII when Western Europe and the United State flat-out denied entry to jewish refugees and they were sent to Palestine. With all the excess weaponry leftover and all the European countries needing a capital injection to begin rebuilding, a pipeline for armaments was created and the most militant settlers went about fulfilling their ideals of their mythology’s promise to indemnify themselves of all the crimes they believed had been committed specifically against themselves throughout all of history. These ideals have developed into the state of Israel, a sociopathic pariah that abuses language, poses as a victim even as it dominates and humiliates and occupied population, and ultimately victimizes all jews by the way uses Judaism like a human shield.


Where are all the ‪#‎Bubble‬ ‪#‎Shriekers for the #Dow‬?

Amazing things are possible when central banks loan money at negative interest rates to insiders so they can buy their own stock back and park the risk on the public balance sheet.

Yep, amazing things.



The DJIA, or dow jones industrial average is a price-weighted average of 30 of what are called “significant” stocks. It’s pretty meaningless to most people’s everyday economic experience, hence, it is featured prominently as being “important” by the so-called business press. As the FED continues (albeit “tapered”) to buy MBS and other bonds off the open market, companies and banks continue to get negative-interest loans in order to buy those bonds for pennies on the dollar and sell them back to the FED for 100 cents on the dollar; they then use that money to buy up real assets as well as their own stock, furthering the illusion that the economy is not a zombie. Meanwhile, the risk and the loans are parked on the public’s balance sheet and future generations are further burdened with paying them back. This, of course, is called “moral” by luminaries such as Paul Krugman who advocates “kicking that can down the road” to let them deal with the fall-out.

One way to look at the number is as a reflection of the crashing dollar velocity and/or the skyrocketing margin-debt…. the higher the dow, the less dollars are circulating in the real economy.


There’s a joke that is a wonderful metaphor for financial fraud and manipulated markets and indices: 

“Doctor, you gotta help us… my husband thinks he’s a chicken.” 
“Take this prescription….”

“But doctor, you don’t understand! WE NEED THE EGGS!”

What Can We Do with “Algorithmic Examination of Humanity Consciousness?” An Essay on the WebBot

Allow me to take an informal poll, how many of you, your family members, coworkers, friends, or observed strangers over the last year, have had one or more of the following?

respiratory problems
sinus headache
runny nose
itchy eyes
summer cold
night sweats
interrupted sleep (respiratory)
sinus infection
respiratory infection

Of course, the results of this informal poll are not scientific nor academic, but as the readership of this site is relatively low and self-selecting, the ubiquity of these symptoms is remarkable.

Recently, Clif High, the inventor/operator of an ingenious set of Internet Spiders which has been known simply as “The Webbot” project, constructed a special spider to sweep linguistic data collected across the Internet from April 2013 and compare it to data collected in May 2014. Although the results were admittedly non-scientific nor academic, “our data sets are not tailored for this experiment, and include translations/transliterations for 18/eighteen languages, and our speakers are self selecting,” the results were nonetheless rather striking.

But first, what are we talking about when we say ‘Internet spider’ or ‘linguistic data sweep?’ Perhaps to appreciate Clif’s findings, it would help to understand a little of how ‘the webbot’ works. This explanation, of course is my own based on my understanding/interpretation of Clif’s writings and interview on the subject of the basic operations and interpretations of his experiments; so hopefully, if Clif reads this and can correct anything completely wrong in my descriptions, he will have time to do so and we will all be more informed on the matter.

As I understand the basics of genesis of the Webbot, Clif, a former programmer with a rather large software firm in the Pacific Northwest, had a unique insight into language and the various properties that can be found in the way language is being used on the Internet when humans translate their thoughts into written words. Clif has used words like “release” and “tension” to name a couple of specific properties he’s paying attention to when collecting data; there are also properties involving time, duration, and prediction which certain language signals regardless of how those word may have been used in a sentence. Certain language precedes the use of other language, so the amount of ‘tension’ words being used more and more often signal a build up to a ‘release’ after which ‘release’ words will dominate in frequency.

So basically, the spiders are going out onto the Internet and looking for certain progenitor words for which a set of emotional metrics can be applied and which have progressive development into other language. To start with, the spider is given a lexicon of words to look for, then it collects a few bytes of data from either side of the trigger words to form a data set of context words to give further value to the metrics as they are broken down into various categories. Some of the categories which Clif has created range from the mundanely named ‘Global Population’ and ‘Markets’ to the more esoterically named ‘Spacegoatfarts,’ which covers all that stuff that officialdom denies.

Collected data can be cross referenced by connectors to multiple categories, but due to the constant evolution of language, interpretation of the significance of these connections is limited by our ‘monkey minds,’ that part of brain biased by our own ego and its need to explain things its own way relative to itself. That is to say, we talk about the same shit everyday, but the way we talk about that same shit is always changing; therefore, interpretation of what we are talking about when communicating on the Internet is always subject to contextual precepts which the webbot may not yet be able to make and our ‘monkey minds’ may have an imaginative field day in interpreting.

For example, a few years ago, the webbot returned results full of suggestions that “the ship of state” would be “overturned” and that various European countries would be “underwater.” Clif’s own interpretation centered around the language as it appeared and the precariousness of the global economic situation which is still unfolding, and assumed that there would be some sort of major meltdown of the European economy. Other outliers in the linguistics such as “Blond on boat” didn’t seem to fit in with the rest, so as Clif duly reported them as well, his interpretation let him to read that as possible one of the female heads of state in Europe and to imagine they would be at the center of the “overturned” “ship of state.” Now, this is not to say that the global economy is not going through a meltdown at its own speed, but the interpretation, albeit making sense, turned out not to be the subject of the linguistics.

As it turned out, several months after the report, a cruise ship navigated by a distracted captain ran aground off the coast of Italy and overturned. The various decks of passengers’ cabins on the ship were named after the various European countries, so some of them were more underwater than others depending on which side of the boat. Now, I’m a news junky personally, and I’ve worked in the news business on and off for 20 years, so my awareness of news stories and the way they handled and later disappeared cannot be described as mainstream. I say that to give credibility to an important piece of information that popped out in the news for a moment in the maelstrom of information that flowed while the story was “breaking;” there are always little nuggets of a narrative that gets released within 72 hours of a major event before the PR “fixers” can move in and wash them down the memory hole and set up an institutional memory about the event. The nugget in the story was a piece that popped up that included a picture of an attractive blond haired woman who authorities where looking for to be questioned and who was listed as some sort of an “etiquette and protocol” employee of the ship and who was sighted on the bridge with the captain at the time of the ‘distraction’ who had evidently left the ship with the select group, including the captain in the first hours after the event. As the focus turned to the fact the captain abandoned the ship while passengers were dying aboard his crippled vessel, the search for the “blond on boat” was abandoned and the references to such were scrubbed. So as you can see, just because it seems certain that the data is indicating something emergent and which makes sense, there are alway vagaries in context which can confound interpretation.

Okay, so I’ve given you a basic understanding of what the webbot is doing and an idea of the difficulty of interpreting the data as collected, so it’s up to you accept or deny the significance of the data and whether or not to believe that predicting the future through language is even possible much less probable. You are left to your own monkey mind to figure out what Universe is trying to show you.

Back to Clif’s recent experiment taking the data he collect in April 2013 and comparing it to data collect in 2014. By tuning one of the spyders and adding some “new math algorithms into the processing,” Clif found that mentions of above set of symptoms have increased…. exponentially.

Label of the linguistic structure and percentage increase in data capture from April 2013 compared to May of 2014

respiratory problems – 12,460 %
cough – 14,332 %
sneezing – 8,468 %
sinus headache – 7,014 %
sinusitis – 15,788 %
colds/flu – 16,337 %
runny nose – 5,723 %
itchy eyes – 7,333 %
summer cold – 5,455 %
night sweats – 4,144 %
sleeplessness – 13,665 %
interrupted sleep (respiratory) – 12,351 %
sinus infection – 3,140 %
respiratory infection – 6,932 %

Of course, take it for what it is, by data mining the public fora across the Internet in 18 different languages, it seems that people are talking about these things with a strikingly higher frequency than a year ago.

Finally, Clif makes no secret his inclination to attribute these symptoms to Chemtrails; the mere mention of which will either cause a reader to stop and dismiss all or to read on with fervor. Personally, I’ve seen strange things that no one has ever been able to reasonably explain; and in my anecdotal experience since moving away from the US and taking up residence at 8500′ in Cuenca, Ecuador, I’ve not seen any kind of trails in the sky because we’re not really under any major flight corridors. The only planes I see are the ones landing at the local airport three times a day. The altitude here gives me more dry throat and what could be included under “interrupted sleep (respiratory),” but my experience under a chemtrailed sky is further subject to my own biased interpretation, so I’ll forgo the attempt.

I agree with Clif’s last thought though,

“If you are seeing a ‘doctor’ for any of the issues generally categorized above, and you are NOT discussing chemtrails, airborne particulate aluminum and barium, and its participation in your breathing difficulties, then you and your physician are not basing your treatment on the reality around us all. ”

Indeed, any physician not treating illnesses while taking to account the emotional and mental trauma the people in the US are subject to is disregarding any potential for the health of their patients.


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TrOLlInG the Phishermen


I just got an email from Abdulaiye Rahmani today! If you don’t know, he’s an auditor for a bank…. well here, let me just show you his heartfelt email:

Dear Friend

Greetings to you and your family

My name is Mr. Abdulaiye Rahmani, The current Auditor of a bank here in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa.  I have a transaction of US$9.5 Million dollars for transferring into your home bank account for our mutual benefits and i need your total and 100% cooperation and assistance to realize this task.

Further details about the fund, its source and whom will stand as a business partner to consulting. enterprise so that my bank can transferred this fund into your receiving bank account immediately as I have your positive response. You must assure me that everything will be handled confidentially as I am assuring you that all your details required for this transaction are all safe and secure. We will never lack again in life if we can join hands together for making this deal a success.

It has been over 9 years now that in my department we discovered an abandoned sum of US$9.500.000 (Nine million Five hundred thousand US dollars) In an account belongs to consulting enterprise in our country Burkina Faso that political part sign a contact with him and move huge amount of Funds into their various overseas counterparts bank accounts through the help of their Political advisers.

Most of the funds which they transferred out of the West Africa were realized from material consultants, these are the funds meant for the development of our country Burkina Faso and their various Nations being taken away for their greedy and selfish ambition.

Their Political advisers always inflated the amounts before transferring it into foreign accounts, so I also took the opportunity to diverted part of these funds, hence I am aware that there is no official trace of how much was transferred as all the accounts used for such transactions were being closed after each transfer.

I as the major Account Officer to most of those politicians and the then Foreign Remittance Dept Director of the bank, when I discovered that they were using me to succeed in their greedy invents, I also cleaned some of their banking records from the Bank files and no one ever cared to ask me because the money was too much for them to control. They laundered over US$964 Million Dollars during the process.

As I am sending you this message, I have the ability to transfer the diverted Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($9.5 M) into you own bank account abrade from an escrow account belonging to no one in the bank.

The bank is anxious now to know who his business partner to consulting enterprise to this fund is because they have made a lot of profits with the funds. It is more than Nine years now and most of the politicians are no longer using our bank to transfer funds overseas as most of the have died and the rest are no more in power.

The US$9.5 Million Dollars has been lying fallow and I don’t want to retire from the bank without transferring the funds to a foreign account to enable me share the proceeds with the receiver. The money will be shared 60% for me and 40% for you with expenses. There is no one coming to ask you any question whatsoever about the funds because I secured everything. Further details shall be mailed to you if only you show any sign of seriousness and interest.

Best Regard,
Mr. Abdulaiye Rahmani

My goodness! What a windfall for me! But you know, doing this kind of business with banks is dangerous. Luckily, it THIS kind of thing that gives me a reason to try out Dark Wallet; so after downloading, unzipping, and loading the chrome extension, I generated an address and I offered a counter offer:

I’d love to help you! I’ve done numerous transactions such as these and can be counted as a partner.

Simply transmit the amount of

15372.16828479 BITCOINS



and I’ll give you $6,175,000 — a full 65% of the original sum instead of 60% you offered. I’m quite happy keeping 35% as long as the transaction is in Bitcoin.
I eagerly await your response.

Awesome! When the windfall arrives, I’ll be buying plane tickets for all my friends to visit us! I’ll update when when I get a response.

‘The Wizards of Money’ MUST Not be Forgotten

Here is the best series I’ve ever found on financial economics:

The Wizards of Money by “Smithy”

I listened to these during their original run and downloaded copies and listen to them at least once a year. The creator, “Smithy” answered email until 2003 just after the 23rd episode aired; since then, she’s never been heard from again. She may have simply given up and stopped, but at the time, she had announced many more episodes and was recruiting help for the production. It is hard for me to fathom that she’d just simply stop.

Smithy has degrees in mathematics and economics, and she works as a consultant calculating investment risk for financial institutions, For this reason, she has chosen not to reveal her real name. She began to question the validity of the monetary system, and to look into its undemocratic and harmful effects after discovering Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman on her community radio station.

If anyone has any contact information for Smithy or can at least attest that she still exists, please comment below.

Why is it so hard to SEE who owns You?

Three hundred years ago or so, corporations came into existence by way of private exploration of the new world under the auspices of the English flag. Queen Elizabeth offered protection by the commonwealth, meaning the underwriting, to private ventures transporting workers to the colonies thus shielding the investors from risk of loss of total “personalty wealth” should one ship full of assets sink on the crossing.
Using this notion, colonial aristocracy created the creature called the ‘limited liability corporation’ which only took until 1870s to have declared a “Person.”

The creature was an invention which was always intended to shield the aristocrats’ ownership of the privatized commons and the privatized labor of rabble from the rabble itself.

Remember the scene in “Grapes of Wrath” when the businessman tells farmer that he’s got to clear off the land his family had worked for three generations?

Who do we shoot?

Charles Hugh Smith’s Critique of Piketty’s Solution to Widening Wealth Inequality


The Hapless Consumers’ Whine: “I know a few people who have gone broke over Bitcoin…”

Christopher…I admire you ability to explain but still Bitcoin is no go for me…science of money is much more complex then crypto…a legal tender of a sovereign nation is different from a non entity posing as alternative money…look there is no way I will invest in fad….fiat currency is scary enough for me……BTW I know a few people who have gone broke over Bitcoin and others who cannot get back what ever is left of their investments. I wish you the best my friend….

I’ve been paying attention to Bitcoin since 2011, mining since 2012, and actually buying since the exchange rate was at $6. My motivation as a resource of information about it is not to try to convince people of to do something in which they are not fully versed. It sounds as though your friends who went broke didn’t understand what they were getting into and broke the main rule of this type of ‘gambling’, never invest more than you are willing to lose. Half-jokingly, I don’t consider anyone really serious about Bitcoin until, like me, they’ve held through at least two “crashes”, only then are they a “‘coiner”.

The saddest thing about US’s indoctrinated consumers is how they buy high and sell low; this is why workers continually sell their labor at a loss and spend their meager wages at premium retail prices. One thing the Bitcoin Protocol forces us to do is imagine a future wherein humans exist in a society with electricity and some form of internet; consumers, think in terms of immediate gratification as a part of their programming, and are typically unable to imagine a future too much past the next paycheck, the most urgent bills to pay, and the later buying spree sure to follow with the leftovers.

When they do invest in something, led by the loudest, cheerleading pump-and-dumper like CNBC or Fox Business Channel, insiders “naked sell” them an IPO (which is a true ‘fad’) at a top dollar figure dreamed up out of thin-air by a barking broker on a telephone. As the price immediately drops, consumers panic, as all weak hands do, and they’ll sell at a loss every time. They end up selling right back to the same brokers who are using the money just given to them. The fraud of “naked selling” is the brokers never actually owned what they sold to the hapless consumer; essentially, it was a human, believing in “their shot at being ‘rich'” but not properly researching, handing their money over to someone promising that they’d turn that money into more money. Consumer-investors suffer from “Gamblers’ Paradox” which says that after a series of losses, a win is due; however, it never happens if they never realize that the people promising to make more money out of their money are the same people who are the only ones winning.

Without a fundamental understanding of the Bitcoin Protocol and only looking at the volatile exchange rate, a consumer is incapable of understanding anything past the mainstream stories meant to sow Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD); stories written by ignorant mouthpieces of the same powers who stand to lose from even the tiniest amount of adoption of bitcoins as a transaction medium.

Indeed, it seems there are many on the right and left sides of the political spectrum who stand to “lose” from any other future outside of a dystopian hellscape which is supposed to be just around the corner. There is a concept called “normalcy bias” which describes how humans tends to conceive the future as being similar, if not exactly the same as the present and recent past. By taking advantage of this bias, certain elements in society successfully herd the masses with, as Thatcher put it, “there is no alternative”.
To be clear, no money originated because a government or a king created it; if it had, we’d have some historical record of the event and/or hold that king in very high regard for this invention. Economics is a social science and Currency/Money is a social institution that lubricates transactions between indivduals, and thus it was invented by humans who desired a more efficient means of exchange. The magic property possessed by, as you put it, “legal tender of a sovereign nation” is its blessing by the central authority to remit taxes using it; that and the fact that more can printed at any moment. One property of bitcoins, being outside of the normal modes of manipulation by the central bankers, is its ability to absorb the inflation created by excess printing of fiat currencies. This isn’t the only reason driving up the exchange rate, but I believe its one the main reasons why the central bankers, used to hiding evidence of their fraud, hate it so much.

Let me sum it all up by paraphrasing Mr. Clif High of halfpasthuman, it turns out that markets in which real humans are the participants are actually very volatile; something for which a lot of humans who rely on stability of manipulated markets and centrally planned economic roles don’t have the stomach.

Welcome to the 21st Century! Fun, ain’t it?



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