Welcome to Earthbus!

Earthbus.org is back!

You may expect me to say it is better, but at the moment, there is nothing. NOTHING here. In a future post, I will tell you the story of why the old earthbus may be lost forever and the problems we’ve been having with our hosting company.

Right now, I’m just putting up this slug as a placeholder. I do have some big plans for earthbus.org, so check back soon for updates.

For one thing, for almost a year, I’ve been building maps and creating images of all the bus routes for Cuenca, Ecuador and writing a bus manual for tourists and other expats living in Cuenca.

Coming soon, you will have a chance to buy access the maps I’ve created as well as the book I’ve written. Both projects are in the last phases, but although 80% of the bulk of the work has been done, the last 20% requires more effort to finalize and polish than the rest. You might even say, the last 20% of the projects are taking 80% of the effort of the whole.

Earthbus will be different that the “Edutainment” site it was before. The Edutainment section may still exist, but it won’t be the primary point of the site.

Nonetheless, thanks for checking us out… either for the first time or on a return visit. Please don’t forget that WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to help get this site back off the ground!

We prefer bitcoin, as you should… but can accept donations via paypal.

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